Part of the Rainbow Technology Group of companies, KSM Superclean is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of high performance contamination and particle removal technology. Based on the proven contact cleaning principal, KSM specially formulated cleaning rollers and adhesive products permanently remove loose, problematic particles from surfaces both before and after critical processes to include printing, laminating, imaging, testing, slitting, sheeting, spraying, sputtering and coating.

SC CR: Superclean Cleaning Rollers

The SC CR (Superclean Cleaning Roller) is a hand-held cleaning unit, commonly referred to in the industry as a 'tacky roller', that is used to clean substrates, work surfaces, walls, floors and ceilings in a wide range of industry sectors.

  All contamination collected by the SC CR is permanently removed with the SC AP (Superclean Adhesive Pads) product. The SC AP can then be used for quality analysis of the contamination collected.  

The SC CR is supplied in two standard sizes of effective cleaning width:

  • 6” (150mm)
  • 12” (300mm)


The SC CR is supplied in two standard lengths of ergonomic handle:

  • 7” (178mm)
  • 24” (610mm)


The SC CR is available in two shore hardnesses specific to the application:

  • 25 shore for optimum cleaning of rigid substrates and matt surface finishes
  • 45 shore for optimum cleaning of flexible substrates and gloss surfaces


The SC CR is supplied in two ergonomic designs:

  • SC HDCR (Superclean Heavy Duty Clean Roller)

A general purpose roller for use in all applications whereby the full area of the surface to be cleaned is accessible with no impeding edge.

  • SC ECR (Superclean Edge Clean Roller)

Cleans right to the edge of a surface that is embedded in to a frame, such as glass within an exposure frame, or the screen within a frame for printing.


SC CR: Superclean Cleaning Rollers image
KSM handheld cleaning rollers available in a range of formats to suit application

SC AP: Superclean Adhesive Pads

The SC AP (Superclean Adhesive Pad - formerly ECP) is a high performance, high quality adhesive pad that is used to clean manual hand rollers such as the KSM range (SC CR).  The SC AP can also be used with all other types of hand rollers from different manufacturers.


SC AP Pads are supplied in boxes of 5 pads with 50 sheets per pad with a sheet size of 300mm x 230mm


Superclean Adhesive Pad benefits:

  • Off the shelf product
  • Uniform adhesive thickness to deliver intimate contact with the elastomer cleaning roller
  • Adhesive coating formulated for maximum particle retention with no risk of adhesive transfer
  • Excellent quality and performance for lower cost delivering exceptional value
SC AP: Superclean Adhesive Pads image
Superclean Adhesive Pads deliver optimal cleaning for all hand rollers

SC CCK: Superclean Contamination Control Kit

The SC CCK (Superclean Contamination Control Kit) is an 'all-in-one' centralized contamination collection station. The SC CCK is made up of:  

  • 1 x SC RPH (Superclean Roller & Pad Holder) - The SC RPH is a robust, portable holding station for an Adhesive Pad and Hand Roller. Each SC RPH can be labeled individually to identify the process or department in which it is located. The SC RPH can support rollers and pads from all manufacturers such as Teknek and SDI. The SC RPH is available in a wide range of colours and finishes


  • 1 x SC CR (Superclean Cleaning Roller) - The SC CCK can be supplied with either the SC HDCR or the SC ECR in any size and variant


  • 1 x SC AP (Superclean Adhesive Pad) - The SC CCK is supplied with 1 high performance Superclean Adhesive Pad

  The SC CCK enables the SC CR (Superclean Cleaning Roller) and SC AP (Superclean Adhesive Pads) to be stored safely, and local to the area of use.

SC CCK: Superclean Contamination Control Kit image
KSM combine hand roller and adhesive pad to deliver a compact contamination control station

SC ECC: Superclean Elastomer Cleaning Cloth

The SC ECC is a tub of 200 pre-saturated IPA clean room wipes. The SC ECC wipes are used to clean the surface of the Elastomer Cleaning Roller. Maintaining the surface energy characteristic of Elastomer Cleaning Rollers is essential to maintain their cleaning efficiency.


SC ECC features:


  • Specially formulated from blended Glycol Ethers, Isopropyl Alcohol and De-Ionized water to clean and condition the elastomer rollers surface
  • Cleanroom grade, lint free, high strength 68 gram cloth
  • Hydro-entangled blend of Polyester/Rayon which will out-perform any standard cloth formulation
  • One smooth side and one embossed side to tackle stubborn accumulations of dirt
  • Wipe Size 230 x 150mm
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol / 30% distilled water
SC ECC: Superclean Elastomer Cleaning Cloth image
Superclean IPA wipes supplied in tubs of 200 and also as refill packs

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